If you know you are wanting to make some changes in your home next year, then you should start now so that you can take your time and get your team lined up.  If it is remodeling, then finding a good designer and contractor is your first step.  Next, the designer will begin laying out your space and creating storyboards with select countertop choices and tile backsplashes.   When selecting new cabinets, ask what style doors you want.  Traditional, modern, farmhouse, or perhaps another look?  Next comes the faucet and sink, of course, then lighting.  There are so many choices like undercounter lighting, LED, recessed, pendants over the island, and many others.  These are just some of the questions a contractor will ask you.  Oh yes, there is also the cabinet door hardware selection, which probably did not seem important until you had to select them.  A good designer can help you flow these items, without making you go crazy trying to do it yourself and wonder why it isn’t right.   We are just good at these things and you can even see a finished kitchen in 3D.  Remodeling is daunting to say the least.  Now, let’s not forget the painter.  What color do you want to repaint your new kitchen?  Do you need a new breakfast table or new window treatments in the design?  This is all in the scope of remodeling a kitchen.  Designers are your best place to start.   Take your time to decide who you like and who you can work with, and I think you will find it is well worth the money.   Designers normally have quality contractors that work for them, which they have already vetted for you.  Find your designer and you are a winner!