When we walk around a home studying the architecture and what style our clients have, we get our cue from their surroundings. They say it is time for a change. It might have been 20 years or 30 years since they have updated their home.  When they call us, they are ready.  We don’t know if they have seen styles they like or what is going on in their heads or what they are looking for.  It is our job to find out.  Sometimes, they might say they want more modern and they have a very traditional console that they don’t want to part with.  It is our job to figure out how to make the piece work with their new look or convince them to maybe put it in another room.  Our recent client had a favorite piece of art.  We took our cues from the colors in the art.  She told us she liked the colors of nature and was a master gardener.  That is enough information for us to start visualizing new furnishings for her.  She wants new paint colors, a new backsplash, new furnishings, and new rugs.  This will allow us to give her a complete update.  When you get ready to start a new project and are struggling with what to do, look to your everyday surroundings, especially the outside.