With market now behind us, we saw an explosion of creativity.  We love new products.  We are moving forward showing clients their new choices.   As designers, we really get excited when we see great new fabric selections.  The most popular colors are almost historical: Azure, Indigo, Teal, and Cadet Blue.  Blue is so strong.   We focus on purchasing quality, well-made American made products.  Since I have been around during the move to foreign manufacturers and the comeback of products made in America, I have been able to see the difference in quality and the change of what is produced by some of my favorite manufacturers.  Ambella Home has distinctive shapes with their selection of free standing bathroom vanities and mirrors.  Hickory Chair has made-to-measure tables and sofas, which we love and are customizable.  Hickory White has great case goods and upholstery.  With all of these local manufacturers there is enough product to put an entire home together, including dining rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and bathrooms.  Fabrics are being manufactured to be more durable and some are called Sunbrella or performance fabrics.  The colors and patterns have grown for these performance fabrics and we are pleased to offer them to our clients and customers in our retail store.  I also want to call attention to other new trends coming back in style.  Remember the old saying “What goes around, comes around ?” and that is true with design.  Trims from our fabric companies are starting to show up and I saw new trims on curtains and accents.  Wide tapes have also been popular for a while and are still trending strong.  Just add a little ball fringe to the same treatment and you will be moving forward with the fashions.  Trims are leaning differently around the country, but mostly the vintage side of design was noticeable with tenacity and new product.