Have you ever thought about what makes a home feel cozy? I’ve got this one. Cozy’s definition is warmth and relaxation. We hear this term from almost every client we work with. We start with rugs, fabrics, artwork, paint colors, and accessories. Details are important. At our design studio we have everything we need to put a complete home together. We are always searching when we go on my trips to Atlanta or elsewhere for special treasures. We take photos and send them to our clients to get their permission and on we go. We are known for flowing colors throughout. Select 3 to 5 colors and off we go. Compatible colors are part of a theme of feeling cozy and we do it well. Use plenty of white, ecru, and cream mixed with the accent blended colors of blue, green, and gold. These colors speak cozy. The scale of light is important when selecting colors. It is a balancing act. We like to use natural materials such as alabaster, gold metals, textures, natural stone, textiles, wicker, and wood and glass. All these textures make a room interesting and adds to the cozy feel. Accessories are normally the final touch. We love artwork from our local artists. This is how we create tasteful and cozy interiors.