The High Point Fall 2013 Market felt very global.  We loved all the interesting fabrics and tasteful design.  Each showroom showed off their luxury treasures.  Staple colors of blue and white showed up in every showroom, making blue the strongest color this year.  Orange came in second and in many different hues.  The two colors together are very effective and I found myself loving the look.  We were so excited we could not wait to see what the next showroom would be showing.

My artistic mind was creating ways to translate what I loved to where I live.  I already have the traditional blues and whites in much of my home, so adding a few pops of orange would not be hard.  A new paint color for my kitchen and setting a date for my husband to repaint are on the calendar.   Entertaining for my daughter’s college graduation is coming up in December so I will need to hurry to make these changes.    Define Design, start here.

Bedding Blue-and-Orange Bright-Blue-and-Orange Dark-Sectional Green-and-Coral Lime-and-Blue More-Orange-and-Gray Orange-Chair