Thank you very much June!! You did a MARVELOUS and OUTSTANDING job pulling all those items together. It is clean, modern looking on the outside. We had decided to use that Chesapeake Pearl brick with white mortar and white sand, before we had seen your Parade of Homes. I really like that brick color but didn’t know what color shingles would compliment it. Then one day we saw the Parade of Homes sign with your name as the decorator, so I told my wife – you are amazing with how you bring things together, so it has to be something special; we decided to stop during the open house. I found the Williamsburg Gray shingle; it’s an “Owens Corning” brand. Thanks for your information, I hope you have many more successful open houses and a fabulous New Year to you.

–Gerald Winston Salem

Words can’t express how thankful my husband & I are for you and your staff for all the hard work and countless hours you spent on making our basement our new family hangout.  It turned out better than I ever imagined it.  We will definitely tell our friends about our great experience.

–Suzanne & Todd, Advance

My wife and I chose June DeLugas Interiors to give our home an update.  We had a vision, but just did not have the confidence in our abilities to make it happen piecemeal.

Without being wordy or lengthy, let me say that our level of satisfaction exceeds all expectations.  The team there, June, Elizabeth, and Stacy immersed themselves in our wishful thinking.  Elizabeth was our point person.  Descriptive words for all three are great listeners, creative, willing to “keep on” digging when something wasn’t precisely right for us, and empathetic, they viewed the project through our eyes, not some pre-conceived recommendations.

We are about 90% complete now.  Client service is my vocation, and I have had the pleasure of receiving the very principles of service and outcomes that I teach.  

It has been a pleasure working with this team.  Very seldom have I done this, but I felt compelled to comment on a job that has been accomplished with heart and soul and extraordinary attention to details.

A guiding principle of a T-Shirt company called Life is Good is “takers eat well, givers sleep well.”  Well, these three people are givers and they should be very fulfilled in the work they do.

–Steve & Lynn, Lewisville

I am soooo enjoying all the beautiful changes that you made to my home-what a great day when you came over to tell me what “to get rid of”!!!!!  I love every change that we made. Also each person that you sent to  work was just the best. Glad that all of you crossed my path in life!!!!

–Joan, Winston-Salem

We just want you to know that we  love the new furniture!  Fabulous aesthetically and so comfortable.  Can’t wait for the rest to be delivered!  Many thanks for your hard work on this!

–Linda, Clemmons

This is really very simple – do whatever June recommends!  Her taste and judgment are faultless.  In almost all instances – colors, light fixtures, cabinets, and more – we went by June’s advice, and we could not be more pleased.  Together Don Hamrick (Custom Homes by Hamrick) and June make a terrific team, and we feel extremely fortunate to have been able to work with them.

–Kate, Winston-Salem

June & Elizabeth,

Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying the sofa and chairs you helped us choose for our home.  Along with your excellent suggestions, the transition to living in our new home has been much less stressful.  Personally, I feel especially thankful for your friendship and counsel while working together.

–Rose, Advance

Dear June,
Thanks you much for your fabulous insight and advice. I’ve already repainted the shutters and front door and it had made a huge difference! I loved the Allistair House (Parade of Homes Fall 2012). It gives me a vision that I’m looking for – a lighter, brighter home. You are a treasure!

Susan, Advance

Dear Interior Designer,

You were so cool.  I picked you because I thought it was interesting when you put a Ferris Wheel in a person’s house with all of the cool colors like red and yellow, white and blue.  You were so creative and someday I’ll be just like you putting cats for handles on old wood doors.  I thought you were pretty amazing.  We love you.

-Children from Southwest Elementary School…for career day, June DeLugas Interiors showed them what we do as interior designers using story boards and color wheels. 


Thank you for selecting paint colors for the two bedrooms I was redecorating.  I enjoyed picking out my duvet covers, but appreciated June’s designer eye for selecting the paint colors to pull it all together!  I still enjoy immensely the two paintings for my family room and the lamps in my dining room that I had previously purchased from June DeLugas Interiors!  Also, I enjoyed our chat last week and hope your daughter is doing well. 

-Ann, Clemmons

I still look at that dining room all the time and just love it.  Of course I love the kitchen as well with the platter and new draperies.  I definitely chose the right person to help me with my decorating.

-Renee, Archdale

I put the new lamps in the den and they look great—so much better than the old ones.  Once again June was right!

– Mandy, Clemmons

About two years ago my husband decided that it was time to update our home.  We knew that we needed guidance, so I called June DeLugas. Having never worked with an interior designer, we didn’t know what to expect.  June came and has been coming back ever since. We learned early in our experience that June listened and respected our opinions.  We learned that we could totally trust her to plan and make choices for us.  Thanks to June’s “magic touch”, our home is being transformed into a beautiful, comfortable place that we will enjoy for a long time.

– Mandy, Clemmons

Keep up the good work on Facebook – I’ve learned SO MUCH about your talent and business on there. You ‘get it’ and it shows! Continued success to you, June!

– Sherri, Winston-Salem

Coming into June DeLugas Interiors is like sitting down with your favorite cup of coffee. 

– Denise, Clemmons

This is the best money I have every spent!

– Susie, Clemmons

Dear June “Bug”,
Words cannot describe how much my family and I appreciate all that you have done for our new home and for us. The end result is absolutely stunning, but more importantly a very special relationship/friendship was formed that we are very grateful for. We could not have survived this process without you and thank you for all your wisdom, guidance and your shoulders I cried on. I will miss all the time we shared together, but hope we will continue small projects and dinner/lunch dates in the future. Thank you again soooo much for everything!


– Andrea, Scott & Lindsey, Greensboro

When I come into June DeLugas Interiors, I laugh so much my eyes get stuck!

– Denise, Clemmons

In 2000, we hired June DeLugas Interiors to assist with the building and furnishing of our custom home. We had pictures of our travels to Italy, and requested her firm to reproduce the European décor we loved. She created a beautiful Italian villa atmosphere from Tuscan encrusted walls to ancient frescos and Florence style paintings. June DeLugas Interiors researched and organized products for all phases of the construction, which made our decision-making process simple. When the day came to move in, she had perfectly timed the purchase and delivery of our furniture, and this allowed us to enjoy our new home immediately. We have continued to be customers of June DeLugas for eight years, and frequently shop at her beautifully arranged showroom.

– Gina & Jeff, Cornelius

It has been a real pleasure working with June over the last several years. She is a very talented designer who has a passion for her work. She works extremely hard and does all she can to make each project the very best. She has a great eye for detail and quality. She is a woman of integrity and great faith. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a fine woman and designer.

– David Dahle, Hickory Chair

June has been a delight to work with. She listens to what we need. She combines functionality with beautiful design. She makes decoration a home fun and manageable. Her depth of knowledge is apparent in all she does. We have referred her to our friends many times. She is a gifted designer and a wonderful friend.

– Anna Rice, Tate Rice Homes, Inc.

It’s like going to my best friend’s house.

– Snow Vann, Winston-Salem

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