Textiles are a favorite for designers.  We like to touch, imagine, and investigate fabrics, bed linens, rugs, threads, yarns, and designs of all kinds.  You can see all of these at our retail store in Clemmons, NC.  Design School teachers bring their students by our store to view these items firsthand.  One teacher loved a rug we had on the floor, which is an antique and the pattern is so unusual, she wanted to show it to her students.  Textile history is also taught in design colleges.  NC has been rich in textiles over the past two hundred years.  The first cotton textile mill was created in l8l5 by Michael Schenck in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  That was the beginning of a long process towards building its manufacturing industries.  North Carolina became the center of the textile business by the l920s and continued outstanding success throughout the 20th Century.

Some of the famous names of textile mills are Burlington Industries, Cannon Mills, Chatham Manufacturing Company, Coleman Manufacturing, Cone Mills Corporation, and Hanes Brands.  NC had an ideal environment for its booming textile industry.

Textiles are always going to be a part of our lives and North Carolina is the beneficiary of this trade.  Sunbrella fabrics are made in NC, as well as many of our beautiful upholstery fabrics.  Crypton fabrics are also made in NC.  This is sweet music to our ears.  Receiving local fabrics for design and furnishings is very important to the new home industry in NC and, therefore, important to our retail store and our design firm.   From curtains to upholstery furniture to bed linens, we can provide all of it to our customers.  NC is a great place to live.


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