It is Thanksgiving Week and we always reflect on what Thanksgiving means to our family.  We are most grateful for our families and friends.  For us as a business, we are truly blessed with a great clientele and are so grateful.   We love our clients and they love us.  When we start on projects, we usually become family.  We take on a client’s project as if it is our own.  There is such a connection.  The connection to the family and the house allows us to be the most creative.  For myself, I think long after I have visited a house what the house was saying to me.  We listen to what our clients are saying and try to observe what they are desiring.    It may take several visits to pick up on the true character of the house, but when it starts, it pours out of us like a stream.  The entire canvas starts coming together.  Thanksgiving is such an important part of most everyone’s life.  It is a holiday to be celebrated and I want to thank all of you for putting your faith in our business.  Our enthusiasm and appreciation overflows.