February is the month that we all think about romance.  For me, I prefer my husband to either treat me to a dinner out or just something romatic instead of perfume, flowers, or candy.  The “something” romantic could be a new comforter or throw.  He could also write a note in a nice card like, “Here is a voucher to get our bedroom painted.”  Get the picture?

I am attempting to throw out ideas to start planting in your husband’s mind, day planner, or even check list.  Anything to remind your husband that Valentine’s Day is very special to women.  My daughter is a 27-year old, and she has always been a romantic, as most women are.  Including myself.  Itemized below are a few suggestions to help you determine your priorities for the coming 2018 Valentine’s Day that you can tease your husband with:

  1. Hire a one-hour consultation with a professional designer.
  2. Buy fine linens for your bedroom.
  3. Purchase a new comfortable club chair.
  4. Add accessories (a throw for the club chair or for the foot of your bed).

Think about what you love most as you “inspire for a new look” and decor.

Most of us do not keep our clothes for more than a few years and replace them.  Think about it.  Why would you keep your home the same way for 10 years or more?  I honestly don’t think twice if I see a pair of earrings or a new blouse that I want.  I am just as guilty, as most, that the house becomes a secondary priority.  But guess what?  For 2018, I am making a list of what I need to do to our 15-year old house to bring some new life into it.  My husband will have his list before Valentine’s Day and trust me, it will be welcomed, because he also struggles to come up with a present that I will treasure.

Your love shack probably doesn’t need a “love” doctor as much as it needs a “design” doctor.  Have Cupid call today for a consultation or visit our store for a gift certificate to stir up some romance in your home and life.