We’ve all got things we want to do in a lifetime, like tour New England or see the Grand Canyon.

We all have a Bucket List.  Your house needs a “bucket list” too.

As the American life expectancy continues to increase, we are spending more years in our homes.  Just as your car needs a tune-up once in a while to keep it running smoothly, your house needs maintenance as well. We all have to replace appliances, roofs, water heaters, and air conditioners. But what about the other areas of your house…the bathroom, kitchen, exterior and interior paint colors, carpeting and furniture? Sounds overwhelming, but perhaps if we rename our “to do” list to a “bucket list” it will feel less challenging and more fun.

For example, my bucket list begins with a new front door and exterior lighting. I worked with an artist in 2008 to create a custom door for a client and I have coveted it since we completed the project.  A sliding barn door for my laundry room is next on my list.  I found a set of doors at an antique store that would be perfect and plan to purchase them before they slip away.  We need to install glass behind the mullions, but other than that, the doors are in good condition.

We recently finished one of our bucket list items.  We gutted our upstairs bathroom and turned the tub into a tiled shower with heavy duty glass doors and decorative tile. A new cabinet, mirror, and light fixture were essential.  New teal bathmats and towels were ordered to complete the room and add a pop of color.  One down.

Feeling successful, we also gutted the pantry and had wooden shelves and cubbies installed.

My husband was the handyman to paint, caulk, and complete the finishing touches.  Our goal of having this done before Thanksgiving helped push us to the finish line.  Two down.

I am fortunate that I married an engineer who is capable of just about anything.  The final room on the bucket list is the family room.  I need a new sofa, rug, and chairs.

Perhaps he’ll read this article and need a hint for Valentine’s Day.

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Happy New Year & God Bless,