If you pay any attention to television commercials, you are probably familiar with the line, “the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives”.  That line started me thinking.  What kind of fabric would I like to invite into my life?  If you lived through the 60’s, as I did, the fabrics of your life would have included psychedelic tie-dyes, atomic prints and bright florals in polyester, nylon or even vinyl and paper.  And as I recall, these fabrics were not particularly soft and comfortable.   While I have a huge appreciation for color, many of those prints would be a little over the top for me now.  Fast forward to 2017.  Where did the time go?  Thankfully, where ever it went, it took stiff, scratchy double knits with it!  Bye-bye powder blue leisure suits!  Good riddance.  Welcome to the world of soft wools, washable silks, satins and the finest of Egyptian cottons.  These days my sofa fabric is practical, durable and easy to clean since I failed to train my little doggie princess, Daisy, to stay off the furniture!  Nowadays, upholstery fabrics come in a wide variety of textures and patterns and can be treated to repel practically any stain, while remaining soft and beautifully comfortable for the whole family’s enjoyment.  Bedding fabric is an entirely different story.  My dream bedding includes soft, machine washable velvets and buttery cottons.  Then there are the draperies.  Would I want sheer, flowing, romantic drapery fabrics or something structured, patterned and modern?  It boggles the mind!  So what type of fabrics appeal to you?  Come to our showroom.  See the enormous variety of colors and patterns.  Touch and feel the amazing textures of our fabric samples.  Then let us help you define the fabrics of YOUR life.


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