Every project needs a finishing touch.  We start off every project with a plan and sometimes end up finding the finishing touches as the project evolves.  We listen to the client, come to the drawing board, then start creating a dream design for our clients.  We are artists at heart.  Starting with a blank canvas is no different than an artist who begins a painting.  The concepts are generally the same.  Finishing touches are so important and some of those in the design world include textures, pillows, artwork, rugs, accessories, paint colors, and window treatments.  The more texture we add, the more classic the look becomes.  You might walk into a room and not realize that the textures were well thought out.  But it does make a difference.  In fact, I’m obsessed with textures.  For a kitchen, it might be levels of cutting boards against a white backsplash.  For a family room, it might be an assortment of beautiful pillows and in the dining room, it might be a simple vase of flowers. I also love mirrors of old and new which make an interesting collage of textures.  But remember to add the finishing touch to your décor.