In recent posts, I have written about design trends we observed while visiting the High Point Furniture Market.  The Greek key pattern has always been associated with the world of fine art and ancient sculpture and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after styles of the year.  The current trend consists of blending classic design with contemporary decor.  

You can find the Greek key this year in lamps, curtains, bedding, tables, rugs, and clothing.  This iconic motif has long been a staple that designers have used as a border on walls and floors, and on decorative textiles and various furniture features.  It seems that history truly does repeat itself; the ancient Greeks used this pattern often in sacred places like temples, and on everyday items like pottery.

The simple design consists of a continuous line shaped into a repeating motif.  The Greek key was named for the square pieces that jut out from the pattern and resemble a key.

The pattern is known as a symbol of continuing unity and balance.  It also resembles the fluid motion of the ocean and represents the ebb and flow of life.  Other suggested meanings are friendship, loyalty, eternal life, and creative energy.

While reviewing our market photos, we understand why this familiar pattern has been embraced again.  If you want to incorporate a geometric pattern into your home decor, but are afraid to try, the Greek key is your best bet.  The symbol is easy on the eyes, while still making a strong geometric impression; you will not tire of it as easily as you might with other popular geometric designs.

What makes this motif new again is the wide range of colors available this year.  Recently, our staff artisan Leigh Ann Alexander studied with Amy Howard, a renowned artisan, and created a rainbow of colorful lacquer samples.  The new paint line offers limitless possibilities for those who want a classic design and a daring pop of color.  If this still sounds like Greek to you, please visit our design center and showroom for more ideas and examples of timeless and trendy finds!

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