When Spring comes around, we know that new fabrics start showing up at our retail/design studio.  It is like Christmas with all the oohs and aahs.  Selecting textiles is as important as your rug collection. For some firms, they select rugs first, but to be honest we love textiles and would rather start with the textiles.  If someone has their rugs, then obviously we work with the rugs to create a palette for clients.  Our goal is to create a home where when guests walk in it feels like someone is giving them a hug.  Creating that feeling is what it is all about.   My modern clients love mixing textiles and possibly antique textiles, framing some and adding those to create a level of art to soften modern white walls.  One of the designers who are in our group lived in England when he was in the service years ago, so he is always looking at English magazines.  He thinks there is nothing like their fabrics and patterns.  The English companies (including Ireland and France) pull old, archived patterns and recreate them.  Mixing textiles on pillows is also another way to add interest to a room along with framing textiles for your walls.  The English are not afraid to mix blue with green and green with pink.  Throwing all those colors on a sofa can be fun.  I kept a magazine from years ago that had 9 or l0 pillows and different antique pillows on a sofa.  Every time I purchase unique antique fabric pillows for the store, they sell.  I bought a large piece of antique fabric from the Antique market in Atlanta on one of my trips.  I thought I was going to make pillows.  I have not been able to cut the fabric because it is so beautiful.  It would be a shame.  I might make a throw out of it.  For now, I throw it across a chair.  If you are about to begin a new project, introduce the importance of textiles.