This month’s Dear June article is guest-authored by a client, Jo Morgan, who shares her experience of building a new-construction home:

 “The prospect of building a new home is one of the most exciting aspirations I can imagine.  It can also be scary, nerve-wracking, and potentially overwhelming.  As a new comer to the world of new construction, I have been surprised by how steep the learning curve has been.  All you need to do is hire an experienced builder, tell him what you want and, voila – it happens…or so I thought.

When embarking on the project of building our new home, we first sought out and identified our builder, Don Hamrick.  Fortunately, Don asked us early on in the process who we would be using for design services.  It seemed premature to me as I had expected we would get the house built and then consult with a designer later in the process to help identify paint colors, furnishings, and window treatments.

It turns out the contribution of an experienced design team has been integral to the entire process from day one.  The design process has evolved in a very deliberate and highly customized manner which carefully parallels the construction timeline.  This strategic planning has included every aspect of the project literally from the inside out.  Everything from the selection of light fixtures, to the spacing of front porch pillars, to the location of electrical outlets has been carefully orchestrated like a beautiful ballet.

It would be wrong for me to say “I can’t imagine having built this house without the wise counsel of June Delugas”.  It would be wrong because I can, in fact, imagine having done it without June and her team of designers and this is what my imagination congers up:  delays, cost overruns, and worst of all, some potentially disastrous design choices on our part.

While it may not take a village to build a new-construction home, it most definitely takes a dedicated team of professionals who work together to make their client’s dream become a reality.  In our case, a critical part of that team has been the professionals of June Delugas Interiors who bring a wealth of 85 years of combined education and experience.

This new construction home will be entered in the Fall Parade of Homes in Winston-Salem this October and will showcase the work of this dedicated team.”

We invite you to visit our design center and showroom, and learn how our design team can help with your new home from the ground up.

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