I saw this question recently, “What is the most popular room in the house?”  I, of course, answered it in my head because I know. No questions asked, it is the kitchen. Kitchens are where there are family and friend gatherings. Everyone loves to hang out around the island, and nothing has changed in ten years. We try to herd them into the sitting room off from the kitchen or the dining room, but they come right back to where the food is prepared, the kitchen. There is something endearing about being near the cook and discussing what is being served or sampling the food. All my family does this exact thing when they come to visit. They sample the food so much that they are not hungry when we all do sit down to eat. Sound familiar? My parents passed away over 20 years ago, and we also did the same thing 20 years ago. I loved being near my mom in the kitchen. She had a large island in the center of the room for which she had built to replace the kitchen table and chairs. We would bring food with us, but she was the main cook. I believe my mom was on the cutting edge of a new trend. What is your favorite room in your home?