The pandemic has resulted in long-term shifts globally for years to come. One transition is clear, home furnishings both at home and across the world are surging. Younger couples are very interested in making their homes comfortable and beautiful. Turnkey is also an attractive option to many of our customers and we love the outcome when we are hired to do those types of projects. Starting at the beginning is fun and pleasurable. Since we have every fabric and finish sample available in our office/retail location, it also makes it easier. Although the pandemic has produced supply chain and demand problems, we are on top of the American-Made manufacturers that have the least amount of problems. These manufacturers are in our own backyard. We love the fact that we can pick up the furnishings and take the product to the customer’s home. We send our CAD to our delivery service, they set it up in the home, and then we provide the white-glove customer service of being there as well. If there are problems, we immediately handle the issues. The customer does not need to worry themselves. We love the outcome of our vision by transforming your home from start to finish. From furnishings, artwork, lamps, rugs, wall colors, all custom designed and custom made by our artisans is easy to do when you are a design firm. Colorful or neutral, all are beautiful. What are your Pleasures of Home? Mine are simple furnishings in my bedroom that are soft and blending to soothe me in the evenings when I go home to rest my brain and my body. Take yourself an inventory of your home and the next time you are in the mood hire a professional to help make your dream possible.

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