It only takes one color to plan your entire house.  That is exactly what we did with this Light and Bright remodel project.   The customer loves teal so much and tried to go a different direction for this house, but she kept coming back to the teals that we had pulled.  Teals can be blue or green.  It depends on who is identifying it.  She could go either way, and that is exactly what we did.  Some rooms have a touch of the teals on the blue side, some have a touch on the green side, and some have both.  Either way, the colors flow throughout the house like the wind, beautifully!   We changed the light fixtures to gold finishes, which are dramatic against the Dove Wing (by Benjamin Moore) walls and White Dove Trim by Benjamin Moore.  It is a fantastic complement.   We changed out the faucets and the hardware for the cabinets to soft gold.    Dramatic is the word I would use for this transformation.  The paintings add the necessary color to make all the fabrics work.  Soft neutrals and textured fabrics were the grounding plan so that all of the accents of colorful pillows made sense.  Soft white bedding was used on all the beds.  The client kept saying that she wanted all white furniture and flooring.  We ordered all white bedding and made the beds really stand out with the colorful pillows we had so strategically planned.  The club chairs in each bedroom have a personality of their own.  One room is lime green, one room is teal blue, and one room has a neutral animal print.  My client loves all the rooms and does not know which one to call her favorite.  The icing on the cake, so they say, was the artwork of bright colors,  and a lot of it was by Sherry McAdams, a local artist.  Sherry McAdams is very talented and custom painted the art to fit the home.

This is our client’s second home and she has made it her own, Light and Bright!