Details such as lighting, rugs, pillows, accessories all make a difference in a room when thinking of changing your décor.  We tell our clients that a neutral nucleus will always allow you to make changes for the seasons or if you tire of a color.  Neutrals can be light colors like white, cream and gray.    Most primary colors will go with these colors.   A popular trend is aqua/teals and these also go well with gray and cream palettes.    Currently, in our showroom we have a blue/green undertone light sofa with accents of teal/blue pillows.  Another sofa in our showroom is neutral light chevron  gray/cream fabric and we put blue pillows with this sofa.  We can switch the pillows at any point in time with these sofas.  This is neutrality so we can add those accents of color that make a room beautiful.  We often treat a room like a nuetral canvas just as we do a nuetral sofa.  By having nuetral walls as a pallete your acessories can either blend into this pallete creating a calming space, or you can make a more contrasting space and choose to add color in your drapery, rugs, artwork and accessories.  Artwork is essential to also bring color to your palette.


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