I can’t believe Christmas is already here.  As a matter of fact, I can’t believe this year has passed so quickly.  Each year it goes by faster and faster.  Even my 29-year-old said the same thing.  It used to be we could not wait for special occasions to get here, but age changes everything.  My policy for next year is to slow down and smell the roses.  I do love working and creating, but I understand that health is important and my New Year’s Resolution is to plan my time more wisely and work more efficiently.  Our customer’s projects are addictive.  We love the canvases we create.  We want to please our customers so we can walk away with satisfaction knowing that they will enjoy their home.  Starting from scratch to research furniture, lamps, lighting, colors, rugs, artwork, and accessories is our favorite thing to do.  Our retail showroom is full of bedding, lamps, accessories, rugs, beds, nightstands, sofas, and everything else about home design for your home.  We love drawing CAD layouts, which is where we begin.  It is part of the creation to figure out the sizes needed for everything, the best footprint for use of the space, and the finishing touches.  How can we help you for your New Year?


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