“Thinking of Ways to Use Blue and White in Your Design?”

What feels fresh to you?  Adding blue and white can revive your décor at any time and with Spring lurking around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about it.    Adding a “been-here-forever” color like blue can be easy with just a few tips:  create a centerpiece of old blue and white pottery and add fresh flowers any time you have a dinner party or guests.   For me, I have loved blue since I was a teen and have never changed my favorite color.  One of my young designers asked me just last week what my favorite color was and I said, “always blue, I’ve never changed”.  She then asked what my second favorite color that doesn’t have blue in it at all.  I couldn’t think of one.  I like all colors and can design with any color, but as for me, blue is still my preference.  The spectrum of blues is all over the place: blue-green, peacock, aqua, teal, water blue, purple blue, sky blue, old world blue, “Carolina blue”, and the list goes on and on with as many patterns and forms across the gamut.  We like to take a design with blue and white to the point it feels new.  Update your room with blue and white interjected, mix it with patterns and shades, thereby tweaking it with contrast colors to make it crisp and new.  Blue jars added onto shelving mixed with light vases and texture are also good ways to freshen a room.  We have a few blue coral pieces remaining that we interjected into a client’s room décor.  Fabrics are definitely the easiest way to add the color blue, especially with pillows.

With our last Parade of Homes showcase home, we started with green hues but ended up with copious amounts of blue contrasting the green tones.  Green and blue are very complimentary to each other.  Imagine indigo blue with apple green.  Gosh, it is historical.    Always put patterns where they are manageable.  I like to balance a room with shades of color and stability.   For my own home, I took a blue/teal pillow that I added to my chairs and added cream tape to the boxed border.  These pillows really bring all the colors together in the room.

Our design goal is to transform your rooms into warm and welcoming atmospheres that you love to come home to.