We installed window treatments in a client’s dining room today.  We normally follow steps to our design for window treatments and the first step is taking photos of a room.  The second step is we review, as a design team, fabrics that are best suited for the room.  The third step is a fresh new approach to what they might already have.  The current client we finished today had a cornice that was 30 years old.   She was sick of it.   The window was large, and you could see a lot of the outdoors.   Our suggestion was to frame the window to bring the outside beauty into the room.  Instead of a cornice, we created a valance and accented the valance with buttons of a contrasting color.  The room itself had a rose rug and rose covered chairs.   So, the fabric we selected needed to uplift the other fabrics in the room.    After completion today, the window treatments presented themselves proudly and they had affirmation that the purpose was being served.  A beautiful green background with rose flowers set it all off, with also bringing the outdoor feel to the inside.  There was a lot of preparation and thought that went into these beautiful finished window treatments before we made them.  We installed today, and client is ecstatic!  Hiring someone to help you make decisions is a good choice when it comes to fabric and design.