How excited can you get when you start looking at tile and wow, “they all look alike”?  Well, a professional does get excited and the more we see, the more excited we get.  All of our choices are inspirational to us.  We begin to conceptualize the room and all of the colors.  We either select the countertop before we pick tile or vice versa.  The most popular tile size currently is l2 x 24 in all colors and designs.  Secondly, the wood floor look and sizes of wood flooring is also a great aspect with so many colors and options available.   Subway tile has been around for generations and normally used on backsplashes or shower walls.  The colors are limitless.  You can use wavy subway, patterned subway, glass subway, colored, or non-colored subway.  Our favorite is a marble subway called Grecian White.  We love the variations it has and how it goes with a variety of granite tops or quartz.    If you are feeling overwhelmed with your remodel decisions, remember we can select products in our sleep.  We are interior designers specializing in construction.  Not many of us are out there.  Distinctive is a fortunate category to be in.  We also render drawings for the client in CAD and sometimes even do hand depictions.  Anything to give the client a perspective of what their room will look like.  Adding window treatments, mirrors, lighting, rugs, and more are also qualities of great interior designers.  We can pull it all together for you with this client-focused model.