You know when we go into a house that has antique furniture with my favorite hand-painted old French or Italian pieces, I find myself telling the client let’s work with these.  Hand-painted is artwork on furniture.  Taking away a piece of art is not our way of starting a project.  Whether the house is modern or traditional, we like to use them as conversation pieces.  Classic design has a way of always finding its way back into the limelight for decorating homes.  Mix a modern mirror over the hand-painted chest is a great way to meld the look of old and new.  Sometimes I think there should be a style name for juxtaposing old and new.  Another easy way for designers to create a timeless appeal is to mix a modern painting (abstract) with a traditional look.  It pairs so well.  Fabrics continue to add the textures needed to make a home inviting.  Those can be modern geometrics to very large open floral linens.  I’ve been looking for the perfect fabric for my own breakfast room that has both the archived, but modern look.  I’ve seen it and found them for clients, but you always must think about the colorways needed.  Right now, that is my problem, finding the right colorway.  Pillows are a great way to interject modern fabrics with charm.  Some textures to mention when decorating are glass, whicker, metals, fabrics, wood, paper, textiles, rugs, pottery, and paint.  It is natural for us when we are pulling a room together.

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