If your home looks like a spec home and no one in particular lives there, then it is time to personalize your home.  For me, I love timeless treasures from my Mom and my husband’s Mom.  My husband’s treasures from his Mom are Mahjong cards and a framed selection of oyster pearl shells.    I display them proudly in our home.   There is so much in my home from my Mom.  A serpentine china hutch with claw feet is from her dining room, so obviously, I love it.  There are some other special items that I display proudly.   A red jewelry box that plays music my Dad gave me and a black jewelry box that also plays music that Dad gave Mom is strategically displayed on my family room shelves.  There is a set of salt statues from Turkey of Mary and Joseph on the same shelving in my family room from Mom.  I can’t imagine anything I would like better than the treasures I adore from our family.   Think about your next attempt to display items in your home and get some professional help to bring out thos

e special memories to display.