Each year in the fall we are the design firm that has the privilege of designing, coming up with a theme, and the colors for an entry into the Winston-Salem Home Builders Association Parade of Homes.  We begin by thinking through all our options with the builder, such as the lot’s location, style and size of the home, and the budget.  It is almost a year long process to come up with a plan for the brick, roof shingles, siding, other outdoor elements, and all the inside materials. This past year in October 20l8, Buena Vista Gables was such an interesting adventure for June DeLugas Interiors and the entourage of team players that worked with the builder to complete an exceptionally lovely home.

My associates and I sat down to come up with a theme for our new 2019 challenge.  We began with a simple fabric sample that was a new introduction from Thibaut.   Fabrics are the best way to get an inspiration.  We laid a large sample on our worktable so we could view it daily to feel inspired.  Since we went to the Atlanta market this past summer to see fresh new ideas, it was good to find a fabric that simulated the mood that we brought back with us.  The colors were so soft and very up to date.   A custom color was given to the cabinet maker for the island and the laundry cabinets.  Normally, we paint an 18” x 20” board with the colors we plan to use, but we had five colors we selected from the fabrics and placed them on the table near the fabric like a fan of cards.  These colors were viewed daily until we felt comfortable that the shades were perfect.  This included the shutter’s color, as well.   We also carried this color to the back walls of the bookshelves in the large family room.  Color behind bookcases can also be used if there is a lot of white.  Sometimes, we use wallpaper there for a textural and dimensional effect.

All the lighting was hand selected and ordered by June DeLugas Interiors, which is another one of our specialties.  We order lighting early in the year, as soon as the new introductions come out, so we will get them before the showcase house date.  People walk through our Parade showcase and they recognize that the lighting is unique.  Selecting lighting is also an art.  The light fixtures need to dance together and flow throughout the house to stimulate a feeling.   We normally start with the large fixtures in the dining, family, and breakfast rooms.   They are the core of the house.  Then we move out to the bedrooms and bathrooms.   Usually, we select something awesome for the foyer to make that first impression when entering the home.  These little details and finishing touches make all the difference.

We look forward to Fall and designing the showcase house every year!  Don’t miss the 2019 Fall Parade of Homes, October 12-13 and October 19-20.  Tis the Season of Fall.

God Bless,