When we go into homes, we can feel the soul of the house. It may take time for us to process, but when we finish the spirit will not be broken. Sometimes we run into clients who fight the soul of their homes. The best we can do is suggest. We make suggestions based on planning, but we let the homes speak to us. Most of the time the architecture, whether simple or ornate, is the key to how you decorate the home. We ask many questions on how the home is used before putting a plan in place. Then we have a beginning.

Some of the questions asked are: Where does the family eat? Does the family eat together? What rituals are employed during the day? These questions will allow us to create individual cozy spaces, color palettes, textiles, window fashions, and furniture. Textures are very important to us. We mix textures such as wood, fabrics, stone, quartzite, limestone, linen, metal, brick, ceramics, patterns, glass, and more. Layering textures are important to any style. The emotion of a room is the spirit we were talking about previously. We try to relate the inside to the outside. Carrying contiguous thoughts throughout will make your home feel good. Bouncing light with the right paint and materials is relatively easy for those who want to venture out without help from a professional. Paint stores are typically pretty good with their advice, but professionals can marry design together with what you are dreaming.