A visitor to our showroom and design center used the words fresh and fabulous to describe what she saw when she entered our store.  This description was music to my ears, as we are always striving to create an inspiring environment.   I love to engage in conversation with customers to see what they have going on in their homes.  I start visualizing immediately and ask questions to help me assist them.  Balancing the right product mix is important when customers are looking for something special.  While trying to keep things fresh for our customer, the allure of trendy and new is strong, but we don’t forget classic designs that are timeless.  We have a healthy combination of trendy and experimental accessories and furniture.  When traveling, I always stop to find something interesting at antique stores that can be repurposed in our store or someone’s home.  We have a good base of items and we think outside the box when purchasing inventory.   There are treasures waiting for you to uncover on your next visit to our design center.