I noticed that my Veranda Magazine and others are increasingly highlighting traditional styles. We are seeing many traditional styles at markets as well. Clients are asking to move from straight lines to curves. One of their common remarks is, “We want to make our home cozy.” Everyone’s understanding of cozy is different. We clarify this question by asking their definition of cozy so we will know the meaning of what they envision. Mostly, cozy to them is less white, but a tone or two of warmer colors for the walls and fabrics. We soften the edges by starting with sofa fabrics that are tan or textured neutral putties and taupe. We have not changed our thinking with great designer fabrics for pillows. We believe pillows need to be of excellent quality so they will hold up and the pattern is also important to bring color into that cozy feel. Another thing that customers are saying is they want more accessories and are tired of that sparse cold feel. Maybe being at home all the time brought a different need. Clients want to be happy at home and many are using their home as their office, too. I certainly understand because I have been dragging out my mom’s accessories to reintroduce them back into my decor. Packing up Christmas will put you in the mood to make changes every year. For me, that is exactly what happened, and I am all about how I can change and recycle what I have. Many of my accessories are antique or vintage and already unique. I move things around and around until I am happy with their placement. Trending design styles can become part of your home with minimal changes. Some of the other modifications to consider are lighting, backsplash changes in your kitchen, window treatments, and wall color changes. It can be challenging and overwhelming, but we suggest you take one task at a time.