We felt very lucky that market was held, but in a very safe way. There were less vendors and you were given blocked out dates that you could attend.   Temperatures were taken and masks were required.   We mainly go to market to see what the trends are going to be.  We are asked all the time, and we like to be on the cutting edge.  Another very important reason for the retail & design firms to go to market is to find rugs.  Rugs are so very important to all our projects.  I normally like to hit Atlanta for those, but their market has not been normal this year either.   We do have our dealers in Atlanta, and we have log ins for their perspective websites so we can research what we are looking for.  We work very hard at market and some folks say, “I bet it is fun”.  It is our job, and we take it seriously.  We work to find furnishings for the homes we are working on and for our retail space.   I personally do the shopping for the store.  I like to find what I think is unique and think ahead of the game.  We designers love to add some interest in someone’s home.

This market, we saw so much integration of old with the new.  Of course, we find that very interesting and we always have.  Historical prints and new meshings together.  Just ask us what we have.   What a concept, right?   Trendsetters are an important task for some of us, and we take it seriously.