Have you thought about your style lately with clothing and even home design?   Embracing your most instinctive traits has never been trendier.  Take a walk through your home.  What are the paint colors you like best?  Which art is your favorite?  What is it about your bedroom that you like best?  Finally, what is the family room telling you?   All these elements are a reflection of how you perceive the world.  We as designers may attempt to cluster our clients in categories with forms and questions, but personal style is just that.  We help you figure out your own personal style.  I know.  I just went through the same thing this past year.  It all began at the end of 20l8 when my bathroom tile floor cracked and the more we tried to fix it the worse it got.  So, it was ripped out and the new flooring changed everything.  I had to quickly ascertain what I really wanted and for me, I have very little time to think about it, because I prefer working with customers.  I remembered my lessons to my clients, which is your home should reflect you.  I have collected many years of items that I think are beautiful and most of them are antiques.  To simplify my home and showcase the pieces I like, the process began by painting most of our downstairs.  I changed out a few pieces of art and lighting and cleared out the clutter.  Now, I have a brand-new look with all the old items that I love.   I tried looking at modern, which I also love, for those who want that look, but realized I could not go that way for my own home.  So, I was true to my personality.  What I have done now is update my home to a transitional, simplified, Southern look.