Our tag line at June DeLugas Interiors is “You Dream It. We Design It.” because we love to help our customers achieve their dream room or dream home. With any creative project or process there are times when we tend to get stuck in a rut or don’t know how to express what we truly want.

The best thing to do in this situation is to go out and find your inner muse. Whether it is a color scheme, pattern, swatch of fabric or something in nature, stop standing there looking at your blank walls or the room you want to redo. Get out and explore. Each year I make it a point to clear the week of the furniture market so that I, and all my associates, have the opportunity to get out and see as many showrooms and product lines as we can. Sometimes a new color trend may inspire one of us, while an unusual antique piece we see excites another. One designer may be inspired by an old door at market square, while another notes the colors of blooming trees on the way to High Point.

I have posted photos from the market that have inspired my design team, but you can find inspiration anywhere. Visit Reynolda House, a local art gallery, or favorite store and discover your inner muse.