With just finishing Atlanta, I came back packed with knowledge and inspiration for spring decorating.  My new favorite color is coral.  I saw many floral arrangements and fabrics in this wonderful color.    Coral but on the slight side of rose is how I would describe what I saw.  I ordered some candles and  flower arrangements to spice up the store for spring.    Of course, I saw neutral rooms browns and creams.  I saw the color blue everywhere in every shade except for Williamsburg Blue (thank God) and of course, my favorite color is what,  “blue”.  As many of you probably saw my house in the “Winston Monthly for January” with my cobalt blue and white china decked out in my kitchen.    I am back, inspired and have so much passion to begin the process of change for the store and have such great ideas for the projects we are working on for our clients.    

I have such an appreciation for color right now with all the snow we have had.  Think about what you have going on and where you might interject some yellow or coral.  Yellow as the other color of choice I saw in Atlanta.   These are great bright colors for your spring decorating.  Add some pillows, candles, porcelain birds or flowers for a fresh approach to your house without breaking the bank.  Come by our store and pick up something new to make your home feel like you want to invite the girls over for lunch.

What colors make YOU think of SPRING?