As summer draws to a close…it’s time to enjoy as many casual gatherings as you can. Whether you’re having a dinner party or setting the table for the family you adore, tabletop designs set the mood for the occasion. Tabletop designs and table settings do not have to be the traditional setting with salad fork dinner fork and fold the napkin just so. Feel free to mix it up. Pick a main color for your table that complements the surrounding room. The color does not have to be a perfect match, just a color you like that does not clash with the room. Begin with a table cloth and placemats. White on white makes a clean and fresh table or you could go with a color scheme. For a dinner party, you might want to add a centerpiece of fresh flowers or a bowl filled with fresh fruit or decorative green moss balls. The key is to have a centerpiece that doesn’t interfere with conversation, but facilitates it. For a family dinner, throw down some metal pot holders and serve the food in the middle. This makes the table feel homey and comfortable rather than stuffy. If you are feeling creative once you set the table, you can set up another tablescape on a nearby server and guests can serve themselves buffet style.

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