June's work - Before and After

If your home is over ten years old, it might be time to think about remodeling your master bathroom. Not only will remodeling your master bath add value to your home, it will make the room an oasis at the end of a long day, rather than a flashback to the 60’s every time you open the door (and who wants to go back to that time?) Our client wanted a place to retreat and enjoy a warm bath and a glass of wine. The photos attached represent before and after pictures of a recent remodeling project. We drew a scaled plan to move the long wall in front of the vanity a foot into the master bedroom to open the space. The master bedroom was large enough that we could steal a little space. We suggested that the homeowner move the entry door to the bathroom so that a master closet could be enlarged at the end of the bathroom. One of the trademarks of a house built in the 1960’s is the miniature closet which is tiny by today’s standards. When June DeLugas Interiors reinvents space, we think of the best ways to optimize the existing space. The ceilings were only eight feet so it was important to add the top cabinets and mirror to create the illusion of a higher ceiling and overall larger space. The bathroom was dark to start with, so we used a light floor tile and light cabinets. The paint color was a light cream with a hint of green to tie into the master bedroom bedding. Hopefully, these photos will inspire you to update your outdated spaces. Why not create your oasis……it’s there waiting in your home – a quick call to June and we’ll find it!