Who says a girl’s room has to be made of soft pinks and lacy whites? Yes, sugar and spice and everything nice are what girls are made of, but how about a refreshing palate that goes beyond the usual. This baby’s room makes a statement of its own without words, but fabulous and dreamy sure do come to mind. A mother of two girls, with a third on the way, wanted anything but traditional colors for the new baby’s room. The solution: powder blue and bright fuchsia! The blue bed has a feminine feel with delicate details and the bright fuchsia lamps add a pop of lady-like color.

The details are in the fabrics, various shades of pinks in the pillows adds another girly touch which perfectly accents the fabric with its baby blue, gentle green, and pastel pink. It is easy to brighten up a room by simply adding a dash of bright color to correspond with the softer aspects of the room. The wall color is also a soft palette of Dove Wing by Benjamin Moore and we used an aqua pearl finish to reflect the bling from other pieces.
It is a well-known fact that little girls are princesses and what do princesses love? Diamonds! No, we didn’t actually put diamonds in the room, however the mirrored side tables beside the bed speckle with silver and gold and are reminiscent of jewels fit for royalty. Extra sparkle hangs over the changing table with a ribbon mirror and on the changing table sits a modern, yet classic, lamp to light the way for this little girl to have big dreams. The glitter and glisten of the room adds dimension while perfectly complementing the powder blue and fuchsia. It all comes together to be the place where a little girl gets to play with her dolls, read out loud to herself, and tell all her secrets to her sisters. Let’s face it girls, we just want to have fun!