We are continuing our education on purchasing antiques.  Think creatively about every aspect of an antique fabric, trim or tapestry because  part of it can be used if not all.   If a tassel trim appears far too heavy for your liking yet the colors suit your home, then perhaps just the tassels would work on the corners of a cushion.   Just about every antique store I have ever been to has had at least one stand selling antique buttons and these are always a real find…beautifully simple buttons in soft greys and creams work so well on linen.  My daughter who is 20 years old collects buttons for jewelry and tree ornaments that she makes (she calls this her happy place to go to mentally when she is involved in her art).   Don’t tell her but she takes after her mother.    Stop by June DeLugas Interiors to view the collection of handmade antique fabric and  button pillows.  So beautiful.