Since we just finished the Triad Home and Garden Show in Winston Salem showcasing a furnished bedroom with hand-painted linen walls, a mural window with custom made draperies and luscious bedding, I thought it appropriate to write about one’s bed.

There are many reasons to “take to one’s bed”: heartbreak, disappointment, irritating husbands, and possibly an illness. This is the reason that you should invest in a peaceful haven from the outside world. Your bedroom should be utterly perfect. You will need to put some effort into the task of finding the perfect bed with the perfect bed linens. If you feel you will struggle with this, hire a professional to help you. I always start with the foundation of a good bed, the amazingly beautiful bed. I love anything French or English when it comes to beds. The style reflects a history of quality and attention to detail.

Investing in a bed is like investing in a good pair of shoes. After all, when you are not in one, you are in the other. Remember, quality linens are essential. Look for luxurious cottons and whisper linens. Embellish them with layers of textured materials like silk and satin velvets. Relax in a glorious assortment of elegant items from silk pillowcases and sheets to hand embroidered linens.

Visit our design center in Clemmons, North Carolina to view our Bella Notte collection. This exquisite line of linens comes in a rainbow of colors. The linens are made in the United States and each order is vat dyed by hand and made from all natural materials. One of our customers recently stated that once she started buying Bella Notte linens, she will never change. Let us help you furnish your perfect bedroom oasis.