Sometimes, something just speaks to you.  I was recently in the Blue Ridge Mountains and meandered into a tourist shop and noticed some artwork that was very interesting and unusual. The artist, Judy Evans, drew her subject matter and then filled in with color by using pencil erasers and chopsticks. She taught art to students from the Blue Ridge Mountains for over forty years. The colors were bright and exciting.   Artwork captivates me emotionally and over the years, that is the way I have collected art for my house.   I see what I like and purchase it.   Come to the showroom and see the two pieces I purchased from Judy for the enjoyment of our customers. These two pieces are aboriginal folk art. Very beautiful and very different type of artwork. Many times we will use original artwork in a client’s home when working with their design plan. By adding texture, color and interest to their home-we personalize it. We are always updating our artwork and adding different styles. We recently added Emily Drew Mash’s artwork and it has a story to tell. The Winston Salem Journal Relish featured her with this to say: “Without knowing the artist, you wouldn’t recognize that she created the wings artwork during the most difficult time in her life, and yet you can feel the depth and spirituality behind it.” Each piece tells a story through her treatment for cancer. There are photos on this blog of some of her work we have in the store. You must come and feel her style and let her art speak to you. It will grab you emotionally without knowing why, just as it did me. There are also impressionist styles from Wendy Bilas and Connie Winters and Mindy Essic who all live in the Triad. Mostly these are colorful landscapes, although we have a ballerina from Wendy Bilas that is just breathtaking. These artists use oil paint as their medium. June DeLugas Interiors’ Retail Shoppe and Design Center is like an art gallery without knowing it because of all the beautiful furnishings around.

Why not take a creative break and visit the showroom, reconnect with local artists and enjoy the beauty they have to offer.  Who knows, maybe something in the showroom will speak to you?