Christmas is over and most of us delve right into the New Year running to the next project.  If it is like me, I take on big projects for myself.  My newest project starting in January will be to update my kitchen.  With Christmas barely behind us, we started packing up our kitchen so the flooring and cabinets can be removed.  Habitat is going to take our old cabinets and the granite countertops.  It is a relief knowing our cabinets can be recycled.  However, it is a job to pack up a kitchen, labeling bins, and making sure nothing breaks.  I do have an engineer husband who is an efficiency expert who has come in handy with the project management.  We have a Gantt chart whereas we have mapped out each aspect of the project and a projected timeframe.  The subs are all hired and scheduled.  I told my husband he could be in charge, (nice of me right), and that will give me the freedom to work continually and run my business.  I plan to photograph and video as we go to put on our June DeLugas website as another project and blog.   “The Art of an Imagined Kitchen”.  We like to give all of our projects titles and this one is befitting.   The floor plan is shown on our photos and some beginning photos of packing.   For those who don’t know, we are experienced designers who work with clients on these kinds of projects all the time.  We have a team in place and resources to complete a house from start to finish, including home furnishings along with the remodel.  Turnkey.