It is all about walking into someone’s home and feeling welcome. That feeling of being invited is typically what is being referred to as understated elegance. With all our design projects, we consider a surprise element in a room. It is that one special treat that makes the room tie together. Sometimes it comes to us when we are at one of the markets or locally shopping. It is hard to explain, but with our 3D vision of a space, we just know it is the right element to entertain in spaces we are working on. We strategically plan spaces, furnishings, and all the accents, but that one special piece must be felt. Most of the time, it is a pillow, throw, or artwork that is a found object while shopping and it is unexpected. And for sure, the client may have hidden treasures in their possession that we happen upon. You would be surprised when you pull something out you have not used in years how good it will look when it has fresh eyes looking at it. I’m always looking for pillows that I have not seen in fabric books where someone took some old fabric and made pillows. I have two that I found recently at a local antique store. Expensive, but I loved them and could not pass up the feel of something old mixed with my new kitchen. French laundry linen fabric, striped and beautiful. Every time I walk past those pillows, I am so happy I made the purchase. You’ve got this, understated expected elegance.