It is an exciting time to be a designer.  We see all the new movements on the horizon.  We just finished the Atlanta market and came back excited to help clients with their projects with new inspirations.  There is a trend to freshen up palettes.  We are receiving calls daily to help clients.  The first sign of warm weather puts us all in the mood.  I am the same way at my own home.  What I saw in Atlanta was exciting, because so much was juxtaposed.  New and Old.  Soft paired with bold and elegant.   Color is just the beginning.  Mixed materials, fringes, and tapes are coming back strong.  You can almost count on what was in l0 or 20 years ago will make its way back around again.  The 70’s, the 80’s, the 90’s.  You know what I mean.  You probably have even seen it in clothing.  I have.

Pantone says the color of the year is coral.  Corals, pinks, emeralds, greens, and strong blues all mixed with one another.  The most popular combination was coral and blue.  Overstated scale and a bit of whimsy.  Lighting fixtures and art.   Your imagination can run free these days, and it will probably work out.  Rules are to be broken in the design world.    All it takes is for someone to post it on social media and voila, it is gospel!  The good part of our job is we create canvases in our minds and implement them.  We can paint the picture on paper for you.  We are turn key.  Some of our clients mention to us that they are tired of buying and returning.  They just want someone to make it happen for them.  We are just the group that can do that.  In fact, most of our projects are turn key, start to finish by our team.  What are your “Visions for the Future of your Home Design Projects”?