My husband and I just finished helping our daughter move to a new house in Chapel Hill. We are used to helping clients from start to finish, but I normally try to stay out of my children’s décor unless they ask. My daughter was so overwhelmed that she requested “Can you just do it?”. I tried to dig deeper by asking her “Have you thought about colors?”. It is a great open floor plan with large windows and a beautiful view. The grandbaby ran from one end to the other over and over. The energy she has is exhausting. Getting back to her house, it was interesting to hear her say that she wanted some wallpaper. I showed her pictures of a few client’s houses that we have recently finished with wallpaper. She lit up. Interesting, right? I am now researching wallpaper for her new powder room, mudroom, and baby’s room. She also wants window treatment panels for her dining room and plantation blinds throughout. They also want some beautiful art. There are a lot of focal walls with ten-foot ceilings. List: Blinds, curtains, wallpaper, bedding for master, stair runner, and art. My daughter’s husband asked if I can you get these products quickly? My daughter commented they are not in a hurry. She does not, however, want to select anything. She is so busy with her baby and works as an ICU nurse. She also said it is too hard to think about. But like our clients, I’ll send her a PowerPoint with a few options. She needs to be involved and a visual aid will entice her to make decisions and get excited about what she asked me to do. My point to this blog is that wallpaper is very popular for all ages again. All our clientele mention wallpaper. We love what we do, and I am proud that my daughter needs my help. Wallpaper is good to use as a contrast becoming artful in your home.