Have you thought about wallpapering a guest bathroom or a powder room before the holidays for a quick refresh for your home before the holidays?   Adding wallpaper can brighten the bathroom and make it feel updated.  We typically repaint the trim as well and you’ll have your new look.  Sometimes adding a different mirror and light fixture will also feel more updated, but wallpapering has the greatest impact.  If you want green, it has made a big comeback.  If you want corals, poppy, or blue, our wallpaper choices are limitless.  Adding accessory accents in the same range of colors will finish your new look.  Don’t forget your laundry room as a fun place to add wallpaper.  The walls stay cleaner, and you can have an automatic theme that will keep you singing while doing laundry.  Let a professional help you make your next selection for wallpaper.  They can also help you pull the necessary elements together for a finished look.  Treat yourself for the Holidays with wallpaper.

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