Often clients ask, do I need window treatments?  Window treatments complete a room.  They warm the space and make a room more inviting.  Our goal for clients is to make their family and friends feel wanted and cared for when they cross the threshold into their home. Window treatments unbelievably, help with that warm and cozy feeling. Clients move into their new homes and feel like it is cold and uninviting until the curtains and rugs show up.

Panels are the number one selected style for window treatments. We normally like to add one of the many trims on the market to the leading edge, it adds interest to the panels. Roman shades are requested second to panels. We often add a geometric trim or solid trim to the edge or bottom. If you have decided on a style but are having difficulty selecting a fabric, we can help you choose a fabric that best suits your style and your space. When you are ready to add warm and cozy curtains, get a professional to help you.




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