This has been an exciting three months.  For the past 90-days, three different clients have told us that we should be thinking of their baby nurseries.   This is such an invigorating experience to share with clients.  To have the honor of decorating is a privilege, but a baby’s nursery is extremely rewarding.  We have already been involved in other areas of their homes, so we are trying to expedite the final details to get those current projects at hand done so the nursery can take the next top priority.  Two of our clients already know that they are having girls.  Most of you know that there is so much more décor available for girls.  I had one boy and one girl and both of my children’s rooms were very special.  We used yellow and green for our son and obviously pink and white for our daughter.  Both kids had a handmade quilt.  Those were back in the days when I had time to sew.

Everyone now says blush, instead of pink.  I began investigating, so that I would understand what they think is blush.  It must be the internet influence.  Humm, blush can go towards peachy-pink or a middle of the ground pearl.  Today, I painted three sample boards to make sure the pink walls would not be overwhelming.  Now, I need to paint three more.  This is the best way to look at your colors.  Paint colors on boards and not the walls.  When you paint color patches on the wall, the brain cannot process the differences, other than lighter and darker.  Carrying around boards in different light helps you to determine what effects light has on the color.  Most people are not trained to select colors and it is best to hire a professional.  I can tell you a little trick.  If you think it is the right color, go lighter.  Colors tend to go darker when you get the entire area painted, and of course, depending on the lighting.