It is that time of year that we start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The light is changing outside and immediately you think of fall.  The weather will soon start cooling in the evenings.  I see Pumpkin pancakes offered at one restaurant and Pumpkin coffee at the coffee shops.  Just the word Pumpkin makes me think of fall and good memories of this time of year.  North Carolina is a state that has changing seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  We have some orange color doves in our store that would look good on any table, counter, or bar.  Start thinking about your décor for your Welcome to Our Home feeling.  Pull out your old quilts for color to throw across chairs or purchase an inexpensive throw.  Changing pillows around seasonally is a good way to decorate for the fall.  I put some pillows up in the closet and bring them back out during the fall season to make my sofa and chairs more festive for the season.  If anyone has been in our store, you know we love pillows and typically have plenty to sell.

I love seeing my neighbors’ doors and their creative wreaths for fall.  I was sick for a few days and dove into my treasure chest to pull out things I have for the upcoming changing season.  I also found a wreath.  I’m ready to create the Welcome to Our Home feeling.  How about you?