We all want our homes to feel safe and welcoming to our guests, so living happily and comfortably in your home is as important to me as it is to you.  It all starts at upon entering the front door.  The color should be pleasant, light, and inviting as a warm embrace and should be the space that provides a natural separation between spaces.   For us in the design world, it is called southern hospitality.  One of the comments we receive from our clients is “my home does not flow.”  Let’s determine what that means, obviously different things to different people.  Flow, believe it or not, could just mean the right colors.  For some it could mean that the colors should work together for all the rooms and for some it means the layout does not work for them.  I look at how light travels throughout a home, whether it bounces off the walls or whether the colors have reflection values.  Also, pass through light really makes a difference, which means light coming in from more than one window in the front, back or sides.  Sometimes the answer is as simple as changing the surface on the walls to a shade or two lighter to a finish that is more reflective.  The ceilings are taken into consideration, as well.  If the room seems dark and the light seems gray, the ceiling should be white so light can reflect off of them.  Our favorite wall finish is Pearl by Benjamin Moore.  Not all houses can handle Pearl due to walls that may have too many imperfections which will show the flaws more with a Pearl finish or even a Satin finish.   Making a room multifunctional, that adapts to more than one use, is also very important to accommodate growing families and friends.    I also continue to hear from our clients that “I want my home timeless.”   So, let’s make your home both “timeless” and a “welcoming home.”