Recently we were in a home to view the place for painting, lighting, and new furnishings. Immediately, I felt comfortable in the home. So, what is it that makes some homes more inviting than others? For all these years in this business and I think I’ve got it-love, happiness, and treasures. What she had used were things from their travels, family, and friends. Nothing new. The treasures in her home were arranged beautifully and meticulously. Lots of living in this beautiful home. It was small and nothing particularly architectural, but I kept looking around and trying to figure out why I was feeling so warm and welcome. The family is quite musical with a lot of instruments in the family room. They were beautiful adornments.

We selected a paint color, measured for window treatments, new furnishings, and art. We plan to use whatever we can that she has because her things really are as beautiful as anything new. What we will do is scale the rooms to utilize and maximize the space for seating. The upholstery pieces are worn out. They do need new comfortable seating, paint, and new window treatments, but we have much to choose from for decorating. I’m looking forward to going back to start this project. We plan to keep this home as welcoming as we found it. They want some changes and that is why they came to us. We are fortunate. We will devote all our talent to helping these clients. We have a very talented design team.