We are always excited to help a client transform their dream into a comfortable living space.  Interior design and remodeling services bring us into their homes to help them.  Home design is something we offer and are ready to make living spaces comfortable and inviting.   We help the client select colors, furniture, and accessories with attention to every detail.   It can be a turnkey experience, if that is what the client wants, or a consultation.  Any space we go into can become a whole other world.  We give rooms life by the designs we recommend.   Pretty is wonderful, but it is not everything.  Practicality and functionality will always come first.   If your room does not work and that is why you called us in to help, then it will be transformed.    People are always asking me about window treatments.  They are necessary in some rooms for privacy or if only to warm the space.  You will be surprised how window treatments can truly excite a room.  With colors becoming important again, remember your mind may need a rest from too much color.  Add a color with some comfort in mind.   If the sofas are bold, then the rug should be more neutral.  If the rug is patterned, then the sofa should be neutral while having some design such as tweed or herringbone.  The pillows can be many and multiple colorful patterns with the neutral walls, sofa, and chairs.  Bold color can also be added in the artwork or trim on curtains.  Patterns have made their way back to window treatments as well.  Linen prints are beautiful and easy for us to work with to pull a room together.  Wallpaper is l00% on the rise from two years ago and grass cloth is ever so popular.  I have clients asking for it in family rooms and even kitchens.  Our favorites are geometrics followed by colorful grass cloths.   If a home has structural beauty, we often prefer that over and above too many patterns in other items.  You have to blend everything professionally.  A Welcoming House has many facets of beauty.

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